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Diamond Relocation, Inc was founded in 2003 by a group of individuals with a combined experience of over forty (40) years in the moving & relocation industry.

Our objective has been to concentrate all our efforts in developing a “single-source” partner for a client's entire move or relocation project.

We specialize in office & industrial moving, office installation, storage & warehousing, furniture liquidation, assistance in space planning, system design & installation, as well as all packing and relocation requirements.


Diamonds strives to achieve the highest level of quality and cost efficiency for our clients.  Diamond will also partner with specialty vendors on an as needed basis to ensure our clients receive the best “single-source” service possible at an affordable price.

WB Mason                             Frank Cavalierre                  617-590-8637

U MASS Lowell                       Joe Caulfield                        978-934-2608

Horizon Technologies          Martha Johnson                  603-893-3663

Trader Joe’s                            Lisa Bishop                          781-455-7302

Patriot Financial Group       Cindy Quarella                     508-251-6126

NE Organ Bank                     Tara DiBona                         617-558-6606

FAC96                                     Katherine Morse                 617-720-3153

PUMA North America          Brian Vidler                          978-489-4461

Hanscom Air Force Base     Jim Muise                             781-377-4536

Eastham Public Library       Debra DeJonker-Berry        508-240-5950

City of Newton                     Art Cabral                              508-208-1518

NE Cryogenics                       Joseph Rizza                        617-244-4447

Pepsi Cola Bottling               Denise Motta                       401-374-5301

Group of NE

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